Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) is a full suite Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support online CRM that is easy to use fast to implement. Easy to use for everyday users, and yet has advanced reporting and control for managers. Scalable from 1 to 000’s of users.

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM is aimed at small and medium organisations with between 1 and 200 people who want a straightforward, hosted CRM sales, marketing and support system. The service is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations and people who work remotely or at home.

Really Simple Systems CRM service is a Cloud application. This means that the service can be accessed from any work station or device that has an internet browser installed, including home PCs, your work station in the office, smart phones or a terminal in an internet café.

The software and data are held on the Really Simple Systems servers which are located in a high security data centre with super-fast Internet connectivity, enabling the service to achieve the nirvana of cloud applications – 99.999% uptime over the past year.

As a Cloud Application, Really Simple Systems CRM is quick to install and use, solves the remote access problem, needs little IT support and gives all the flexibility of a client/server or “on premise” system.

A monthly payment model means low entry cost and low cost of ownership. You can say goodbye to hardware issues, internal IT resources and hello to a really simple CRM system.

Really Simple Systems, winner of EuroCloud and the Software Satisfaction Awards, is the largest United Kingdom provider of Cloud CRM systems and Network Midlands are delighted to be able to add this Cloud CRM service to its portfolio of innovative and quality services.