Compare CUJO AI With Other Security Solutions

Compare CUJO AI with other security solutions

Why You Need CUJO AI

Traditionally, PC security software, like antivirus or antimalware, is designed to only protect you the device it’s installed on. With so many connected devices in your home or office, you and your family’s/staff’s lives are now on display through the networked home/office gadgets you have. Once connected to your router, CUJO AI network intrusion detection & prevention system protects your entire home/office from nosy and unwanted intrusions.

55% of cyberattacks are unnoticed by commercial antivirus software (The Guardian)


of cyberattacks are unnoticed by commercial antivirus software (The Guardian).

70% of connected devices are vulnerable to security threats (HP)


of connected devices are vulnerable to security threats (HP).

75% home hacker success rate getting into your devices


Home hacker success rate getting into your devices

90% of connected devices store personal information


of connected devices store personal information.

CUJO AI and router

Traditional Approach

Anti-virus and anti-malware software that you have on your PC mostly fails to protect you against hacks. Virtual criminals penetrate your network using vulnerabilities found in your router and your connected devices. Once they are in the network, traditional security software is mostly incapable to keep your information secure. One rogue device exposes your entire network, including the PC that has traditional security software installed.

Our Approach

CUJO AI creates a guarded gateway between your devices and their connection to the Internet. We analyse packets for malicious intent right there on the CUJO AI whether it’s coming in from the Internet, going out to the Internet, or making moves across your network. CUJO AI applies IP/DNS Threat Intelligence, Behavioural Analysis using machine learning, Unauthorized Remote Access detection, Command & Control detection, and other security methods. When we catch something we send packet statistics (but not full packets) to the Cujo Cloud to analyse device behaviour and make sure every other CUJO AI is aware of this kind of attack. We guard every single connected device on your network, not just your PC. Unlike traditional solutions, CUJO AI keeps improving all the time to protect your home.

CUJO AI Compared to Other Solutions

All of your wired and wireless Internet connected devices are protected by CUJO AI.

Protection CUJO AI Hardware Firewall Software Firewall Antivirus Standard wireless router
Malware Limited Limited
Rule based protection
Behaviour learning
Secures all connected devices (not just PCs)
Automatic updates Some do Some do Some do


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I purchased Cujo as a preventative thing rather than anything else. A testimonial would be easy after some kind of worldwide computer pandemic but we’ve not had one. I purchased it just in case and am happy with it as a result.
Sam GoddardSt. James System
I bought my CUJO about 6 months ago and I have been very happy with it. Within the first 2 weeks it had identified 2 spyware website and I regularly get an update to my phone to say that it had detected and stopped a threat. It is a very good back up system to regular antivirus software and it stops threats other systems don’t. It covers all the PC’s and phones in our house. I would recommend it to other users
Clive LangleyPSA Financial