How CUJO AI Works

Connect the CUJO AI device to your existing network and protect all of your devices. Install the CUJO AI app on your phone and control your network.

CUJO AI is simple and secure.

Simple to start

CUJO AI takes just a few minutes to start. Plug the CUJO AI device into your router and follow step-by-step guide on your CUJO AI app.

CUJO AI works with the following network setups:

  • WiFi router
  • Modem and router as separate devices
  • Modem and router as one device
  • Wireless extender or access point in addition to your router

If you have a different setup, please contact us at [email protected].

Read setup guide here.

CUJO AI with WiFi/modem
CUJO AI at home

How CUJO AI Secures My Home

CUJO AI analyses your local network traffic data locally and in real time. It then sends statistics on that data to the cloud for further analysis. For your privacy as well as performance reasons, we don’t send the contents of those packets to the cloud. If a threat or suspicious activity is detected, CUJO AI will tell the cloud what it has blocked so you can receive a notification on your mobile app to confirm it.

Our Mobile App

Through CUJO AI’s mobile app you can…

  • Control and monitor all devices on your network
  • Receive instant threat notifications
  • Control Internet access for select devices.
I purchased Cujo as a preventative thing rather than anything else. A testimonial would be easy after some kind of worldwide computer pandemic but we’ve not had one. I purchased it just in case and am happy with it as a result.
Sam GoddardSt. James System
I bought my CUJO about 6 months ago and I have been very happy with it. Within the first 2 weeks it had identified 2 spyware website and I regularly get an update to my phone to say that it had detected and stopped a threat. It is a very good back up system to regular antivirus software and it stops threats other systems don’t. It covers all the PC’s and phones in our house. I would recommend it to other users
Clive LangleyPSA Financial