Does your backup work?

She spent 4 hours every Friday copying her organisation’s server to DVDs. It looked like the copy had worked – the directories and files all appeared to be on the backup media.

Until one day the server’s hard drive died. When she tried to copy the files back to the new drive, she found that the file contents had never been copied to the DVDs, there was only the file headers.

It cost her several thousand pounds to have the files recovered off the broken hard drive. Had she been using our cloud backup, she could have been sure that the backup had worked and recovered all the files within a couple of hours – oh and not spent four hours every Friday feeding DVDs into her computer.

For the price she paid for the data recovery, she could have used our cloud backup for over eight years, saved herself over 1600 hours of mindless work and known that her backup would always work and always be available 24/7 in case of a disaster.

Do you back up your critical files to DVD, external hard disk or flash drive? Do you know whether your backup has worked?

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