Dropbox backup is no backup

I met a budding author a while back. She’d signed a contract to write a number of children’s books. Very sensibly she realised that she needed to back up what she had written, just in case her laptop died. So she decided to use Dropbox – after all it is free and, when it is set up properly, files are copied from her laptop automatically.

Unfortunately, Dropbox is not a backup service, it is a file sharing service. I demonstrated to her how, if someone got hold of her laptop, they could delete everything she had on her computer and on Dropbox – without knowing any of her passwords!

It’s really quite simple, but I’m not going to tell you how! Suffice it to say that in 20 minutes, I had gained access to her laptop and Dropbox account and with one keypress (“Delete”) she would have lost everything.

Being a sensible person – after all she was trying to back up her work – she decided to use our cloud backup service. For less than a cup of Costa coffee* a week she was able to back up her work – automatically – to a secure server where it was impossible to delete it. So, even if she lost her laptop and all her work was deleted from Dropbox, we could recover it all inside of an hour.

Do you have files that are critical to your work? Will losing all your data mean you have to start again from scratch?

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