Website Care Packages

Do you keep your website CMS up-to-date with all the bug fixes, security patches and functional updates?

Do you put it off because you have better things to do (like working on your business), or because you fear that something might break your website?

We can do it for you, freeing up your time to be more productive

Our range of website care packages provide:

  • CMS updates – applying bug fixes, security patches and functional updates to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal based websites. All updates are tested on our development servers before applying them to your website ensuring that nothing will break your website
  • Website speedup technologies – for both mobile and desktop devices, providing Google with reasons to display your site higher
  • Basic & advanced security features – keeping your website safe and providing Google with more reasons to display your site higher
  • Backup daily or monthly – just in case something does happen to your website
  • Uptime monitoring – website administrators are notified if the website becomes unavailable for any reason
  • Google analytics reporting – emailed to you so you can see how your website is performing
  • Website hosting & domain name renewal – host your website with us and we will include domain name renewal when it is due





Website hosting & domain name renewal

Email spam filtering


Basic security2

SSL certificate - host site with HTTPS (Secure HTTP)

Uptime monitoring

Google analytics reporting








Monthly CMS updates

Monthly checks for broken links

fix where possible

Advanced security3

Sue Jerham, National Forest E-Bike Holidays

After a good chat on the phone, we decided that creating an enquiry and booking form would be a great option, as this was something that I had struggled with and it would make web navigation easier.

The process was excellent and a real help to me. I sent Trevor a brief and he then created a booking page and added a form to the enquiry page, which I’m thrilled with. I was also able to benefit from his experience, as he shared some really helpful suggestions and tips along the way.

In short, I’m a delighted customer and very thankful to Trevor. I now have a more efficient website, ready for when we’re able to start thinking about (post Covid-19) holidays again. I also now have a starting point to enable me to create additional forms in the future.

Sue Jerham

Kishani Navin, K4 Law

I am writing to place on record my thanks to Network Midlands Ltd for the development and design of my company’s brand new website.  It is a bold and “to the point” site, and we have been complimented by many clients and professional connections. We have secured new clients who tell us that our website was instrumental in making enquiries with us.

Trevor totally understood what we were looking to achieve, and delivered within budget, took care of all follow-up and maintenance, and continues to advise us on relevant updates.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Network Midlands Ltd.

Kishani Navin

Joanne Withers, Joanne Withers Photography

If you are looking for networking opportunities or advise on social media, then Trevor is very personable.

Joanne Withers
Joanne Withers Photography

Rob Howell, Howell & Co (Leicester) Ltd

Howell & Co needed a new website that was not only professional, but also attractive and modern. Network Midlands helped us develop the creative design and then produced a website that has already received very positive comments The whole process was very quick and easy and good value for money.

I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to give their existing website a “facelift”

Rob Howell

Steven McCallister, Salusburys Harding & Barlow

Trevor produced my firm’s new website and from the start of the process understood clearly what we were hoping to achieve. The end result fully met our expectations, was produced on time and was good value for money. Subsequent requests for follow up support have been met by an excellent response.

Steven McCallister

Debbie Reynolds, The Business Club

Since completing our website for us, Trevor has continued to be very supportive and very helpful, supporting us as we’ve come across additional changes and requirements. He always succeeds in finding a solution to our queries, not only making them on our behalf, but also teaching us how to do certain things, giving us the element of control we need.

Trevor is always responsive, patient and being naturally inquisitive, has never failed to find an answer – which is great for us! All in all we’d thoroughly recommend Trevor for your website requirements

Debbie Reynolds

Stephen Hughes, Hunt and Gather

I contacted Trevor with details from a friend and with in minutes we were talking about problem solving and cash-flow cutting. Trevor’s attention and ideas were so valuable.

Trevor made every inch so easy to follow, making hours turn into minutes and saving me hundreds almost thousands of pounds for my business.

Trevor made it look so easy, and setting up e-commerce on the business website and mirroring it on Facebook left me and my friends delighted!

I know I will be using Trevor and his time, again and again!

Stephen Hughes

Edward Cartwright – De Montfort University

Fantastic working with Trevor to set up a website and database for the East Midlands Economic Data Repository housed at De Montfort University. Five star service throughout the project with great support, guidance and technical expertise.

Edward Cartwright

Sue Grogan, Joined Up Working Leicestershire

Trevor developed a database for the LeicesterShire Learning Networks. This was a complex piece of work around Adult Learning provision but Trevor had a good understanding of what was required, developed a database that was easy to administrate, that did what it was supposed to do and a bit more. He was on time, value for money we were very impressed and pleased with the result!

Sue Grogan

Paul Sherwin, BCM Business Cost Management

Trevor has provided a cost effective web design solution avoiding the need for expensive monthly bills. The solution has been executed on time and issues that arose with individual elements of the system were dealt with effectively and efficiently by Trevor and as a result I would highly recommend Trevor to any business

Paul Sherwin

Paul Sherwin, BCM Business Cost Management

Trevor provided excellent service and advice within the Social Media domain providing clarity of thought and process for which I am extremely grateful. I would be happy to recommend Trevor

Paul Sherwin

1HTTP/3 is the latest update to the HTTP protocol. HTTP/3 is designed for mobile-heavy Internet usage. It loads faster when mobile devides are used, without compromising performance when desktop and laptops are being used.

2Basic security includes

  • Basic DDoS protection - your site is less likely to be crashed by an attack
  • SSL/TLS 1.2 & 1.3 Encryption - communication between your website and your viewer is encrypted providing better privacy & integrity - see this Wikipedia article
  • Threat blocking - known bad bots are blocked from scanning your website for information that could be useful to spammers & hackers

3Advanced security includes

  • Web application firewall – Cloud based WAF runs in real-time preventing automated attacks, SQL injection, XSS JavaScript injections and other real-time POST actions. It contains rules to thwart attacks commonly seen in popular applications, including: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PHP, Joomla, and more. No hardware or software required - Your website is less vulnerable to malware attacks
  • OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set - protects you against the Top 10 vulnerabilities identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) – see