Office 365

What is Office 365?

It’s the easy way to get your head in the Cloud!

Office 365, an easy way to transfer your business processes to the Cloud, all for a low monthly fee.

Office 365 focuses on mobile email, with a huge 25GB mailbox, Sharepoint space to help you create and connect with colleagues and Lync, the online meeting and messaging tool.

With plans to suit everyone, you can create, connect and communicate from anywhere easily, using your smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or from a web browser.

Mail Services, powered by Microsoft Office 365, is the simple, cost effective way to increase productivity and help office colleagues to collaborate together. Using the most popular of the Microsoft Office tools, you can benefits from the following:

Microsoft Exchange Online

  • Benefit from 25 GB storage capacity per user together with an integrated antivirus/antispam filter.
  • Your employees can access a wide array of features such as calendar, tasks and contacts share, enabling them to work in optimized conditions.

Microsoft Sharepoint Online

  • Share your documents with everyone, including your employees.
  • No more data stored in multiple locations, everything is now centralized for increased efficiency.
  • Information security is guaranteed through the definition of multiple access profiles.

Microsoft Lync Online

  • Seamlessly communicate through instant messaging.
  • No more travel to meetings, just set them up using web and videoconferencing .
  • White boards and notes help you work as if you were around the same table.

Microsoft Office WebApps

  • Wherever they are, your employees can still access their emails and business tools.
  • They can synchronize their on-site data with their mobile devices through Active Sync