OneDive stops synchronising after Windows 10 upgrade

I’ve recently allowed 2 of my Windows 7 computers to upgrade to Windows 10

After a few days, I realised that files I was creating and modifying in my OneDrive folder were not synchronising with any of my other Windows computers (a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1)

After hunting around the ‘net for a while, the only things I could find assumed that OneDrive was running but that Sync had stopped – however, in my case, OneDrive wasn’t even running

OneDrive is supposed to be integrated with Windows 10 – yes there have been some changes and not all for the better from Windows 8 but I would assume that it would at least work

mysqldump: unknown option ‘–no-beep’

Here’s a great gotcha!

I’ve just upgraded my Windows test server to run MySQL Community edition 5.6.25

I have a script which runs daily to dump some of the database files from test website. The command used is MySQLDump and each dump is performed using a line of script something like this

mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_table_name >dump_file_name.sql

When I ran the script manually I was surprised to find it ran rather quickly, so I opened a command window and ran one of the lines manually

Leicester College Business & Computing Awards and Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Graduation

Esta Roony receives Advanced Apprentice of the YearA few days ago I had the honour and privilege of sponsoring and presenting the award for the Advanced Apprentice of the Year at the Leicester College BUCO Awards. The winner was Esta Rooney.

Esta works for Her Majesty Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) in Leicester.  She is profoundly deaf and has at times struggled to keep up with the rest of the group.

ICT Functional Skills proved to be a real challenge for Esta – rather than giving up –  she completed past papers each week and the team marked them and helped her to discover where her gaps in knowledge were.  When she finally sat the exam she passed not only with flying colours, but she gained 98% – which was the highest mark of all 35 apprentices on programme.