Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing or ethical/white hat hacking) is where your website, computer network or wireless network is tested to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker.

Our primary objectives in performing a penetration test are to:

  • Identify security weaknesses in the system being tested
  • Recommend remedial actions to reduce or remove the identified weaknesses

To do this we use the same techniques as a malicious attacker/black hat hacker would use, but rather than then exploiting the security vulnerability, we inform you of what we have found and provide options on how to reduce the chances of an attack being successful

What is the difference between black hat hacker and a white hat hacker?

A Black hat hacker will…

A White hat hacker will…

X Hack your website for free
Hack your website and charge you for it
X Find a vulnerability
Find all the known vulnerabilities
X Gain access to your website
Show how others might gain access to your website
X Spread malware using your website
Scan and remove any malware
X Retain access to your website forever
Show how to secure your website against black hat hackers
X Destroy your company reputation
Protect and enhance your reputation
X Steal your client list or other critical business information
Maintain the security of your critical business information
X Expose you to the possibility of legal action
Reduce the risk of legal action against you

We are CIISec, CREST and GCHQ accredited white hat hackers, allowing us to perform penetration testing against websites, computer networks and wireless networks

Louisa Sando-Patel, Bright Owl Copywriting & Communications

Trevor is an expert when it comes to cybersecurity. Over the years, Trevor has given sound advice to help me protect my website from spam-bots and other security threats. If you’re looking to protect your IT systems and your website, I highly recommend speaking to Trevor.

Louisa Sando-Patel

Avtar Singh, Oadby PC Repairs Ltd

I’ve been to 2 of Trevor’s seminars/lectures recently and both werebrilliant; engaging, informative and highly worthwhile, I woulddefinitely recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about Cybersecurity.

Avtar Singh
Oadby PC Repairs Ltd

Sue Grogan, Joined-Up Working

Trevor hosts all my important information on a cloud storagesystem for me. If there’s a problem, which there was at my end acouple of months ago, the system flags this up and then I get a callfrom Trevor. He sorted it out very quickly which was a relief for me! His knowledge of cybersecurity is amazing too, if a little scary………..

Sue Grogan

Debbie Porter – Destination Digital Marketing

Debbie Porter

Alex Cachia – Web Nerd

Alex Cachia

Julie Jordan-Spence – FSB

Trevor is concise, professional and extremely knowledgeable in all of his subjects. He recently gave a very interesting and thought provoking talk to the Federation of Small Business Virtual Networking group that I host here in Leicester, on the subject of Cyber crime. It stimulated many questions and much discussion, all of which made for a very positive meeting.

Julie Jordan-Spence

Louise McCormack, Timbateq Limited

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop, Cybercrime- what can go wrong? as part of the #LBF (Leicester Business Festival) . I found the course to be relaxed yet informative, with Trevor’s warm and friendly style, I was able to participate without any inhibition. His knowledge has proved valuable, allowing a proactive and productive implementation of new processes in the work place.

Louise McCormack