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Recent blog posts

Recent blog posts

What is quid pro quo?

What is quid pro quo? Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase that literally means “something for something,” or “this for that.” We use it to signify an exchange of goods, services, favours, or other things of value. It’s an attack beloved by mal-actors. In this attack, a mal-actor either offers to provide help (“Let […]

Speed networking

10 differences between selling and networking

10 differences between selling and networking Networking often has a negative connotation. This is because many salesmen abuse networking to sell. The main difference between selling and networking is that in a sales process the goal of the interaction between two people is the sale of a product or service. When networking, this sale could […]


What you can do about reporting phishing emails

What can I do about reporting phishing emails? Phishing emails are a big problem. If you don’t know what phishing is, then you’ve either been extremely lucky or you’ve not read What is phishing? In brief, phishing emails are social engineering attacks that are trying to make you part with private and personal information (like […]

What is a honey trap?

What is a honey trap? A honey trap is probably best known from the world of espionage and politics, where a person would use sex as a tool to extract information. Mata Hari Probably one of the best- known honey trap stories comes from the First World War. Mata Hari was a Dutch woman who […]

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