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Recent blog posts

What is water-holing?

What is a water-holing attack? A water-holing (or sometimes watering hole) attack is where a mal-actor attempts to compromise a specific group of people by infecting one or more websites that they are known to visit. The victims are usually from the same company or organisation and the goal is usually to gain access to […]

Malicious code

What is baiting?

What is baiting? The Trojan horse In my earlier post “What is social engineering?” I looked at an example of baiting from Greek myth – the Trojan Horse. In this story, the Greeks have been besieging the city of Troy for 10 years and failed to penetrate its defences. So the Greeks constructed a wooden […]

What is vishing?

What is vishing?

What is vishing? Your phone rings and someone on the other end introduces them self as calling from a well-known company. Are they really? Or is this a scammer? Vishing, a combination of “voice” and “phishing”, is a phone scam designed to get you to share personal information. The call is designed to instil FUD […]


What is phishing?

What is phishing? In my last blog post, I answered the question “What is social engineering?“. In this post, I will look at some of the different types of phishing attacks. Phishing is the most popular form of social engineering attack. In 2018 phishing accounted for 36% of all social engineering attacks and it’s estimated […]

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