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Recent blog posts

Social Engineering

What is social engineering?

We’re constantly hearing the term “Social Engineering” in relation to cybersecurity and cyber-attacks, but what is social engineering? Lexico’s Oxford English dictionary defines it as: The use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behaviour of a society (in the context of information security) the use […]

Windows 10 login with two factor authentication using a YubiKey

I needed to enable two factor authentication on a Windows account. Natively, this can’t yet be done (Windows Hello is not 2FS, but that’s another story). I decided to try and set this up using Yubico’s YubiKey 5. If it worked, this would mean that, unless the YubiKey is inserted into one of the USB […]

MS Office 365 Professional activation fails

Microsoft Office Professional 365 fails to activate

One of my computers has just installed the latest “Windows Feature Update version 1083”. Upon reboot, every time I tried to use one of the Office 365 applications, the activation wizard popped up – why I don’t know. Clicking on next bought up an error – “We couldn’t contact the server. Please try again in […]

Google Chrome's "Not Secure"

Google Chrome to mark HTTP websites as “not secure”

Google have recently announced that all HTTP websites will be marked as insecure by Google Chrome. Google have been pushing HTTPS (Secure HTTP) for a few years now by, amongst other things, penalising HTTP websites in search results. They are now taking this one step further by actively warning users of Chrome when they try […]

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