Who’s hacking your website?

Penetration testing a website

What is the difference between black hat and white hat hacker?

A Black hat hacker will… A White hat hacker will…
Hack your website for free Hack your website and charge you for it
Find a vulnerability Find all the vulnerabilities
Gain access to you website Show how others might gain access to your website
Spread malware using your website Scan and remove any malware
Retain access to your website forever Show how to secure your website against black hat hackers
Destroy your company reputation Protect and enhance your reputation
Steal your client list or other critical business information Maintain the security of your critical business information
Expose you to the possibility of legal action Reduce the risk of legal action against you

We are IISP, CREST and GCHQ accredited white hat hackers, allowing us to perform penetration testing against websites, computer networks and wireless networks

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