How can my website be hacked?

10 Ways I Can Hack Your Website (And Why I Would Want To)

During this seminar you will learn the 10 commonest ways your website can be hacked, why a hacker would want to, and how to reduce the likelihood that a hacker will succeed. It’s a sad fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic Leicester was locked down tighter than most business websites. Hackers target small business websites because they are less well protected than those of large companies and organisations. They may be looking for client information (names, addresses, email addresses, credit card details) or using these sites to spread malware and ransomware.

The seminar is aimed at micro and small business owners, and IT managers of larger companies. You will gain an understanding of why a hacker might want to hack your website – even a simple brochure style one – and what simple steps can be taken to reduce the chance that a hack attempt will be successful.

The seminar is usually around 90 minutes but can vary depending on the level of interaction from the delegates.