Microsoft Office Professional 365 fails to activate

One of my computers has just installed the latest “Windows Feature Update version 1083”. Upon reboot, every time I tried to use one of the Office 365 applications, the activation wizard popped up – why I don’t know. Clicking on next bought up an error – “We couldn’t contact the server. Please try again in a few minutes.” So I tried again, and again, and again… (more…)

OneDive stops synchronising after Windows 10 upgrade

I’ve recently allowed 2 of my Windows 7 computers to upgrade to Windows 10

After a few days, I realised that files I was creating and modifying in my OneDrive folder were not synchronising with any of my other Windows computers (a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1)

After hunting around the ‘net for a while, the only things I could find assumed that OneDrive was running but that Sync had stopped – however, in my case, OneDrive wasn’t even running

OneDrive is supposed to be integrated with Windows 10 – yes there have been some changes and not all for the better from Windows 8 but I would assume that it would at least work

mysqldump: unknown option ‘–no-beep’

Here’s a great gotcha!

I’ve just upgraded my Windows test server to run MySQL Community edition 5.6.25

I have a script which runs daily to dump some of the database files from test website. The command used is MySQLDump and each dump is performed using a line of script something like this

mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_table_name >dump_file_name.sql

When I ran the script manually I was surprised to find it ran rather quickly, so I opened a command window and ran one of the lines manually

Windows 7 Activation error 0x8007007B

I’ve recently had to install Windows 7 Enterprise on a laptop. I started by wiping the previous version of Windows using Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) (paranoia – you never know what might work it’s way through from the last install!)

During the install a strange thing happened – I wasn’t asked for a product key – oh well, that’s Microsoft for you. However, when I went to activate Windows, I got an error message that said “Windows Activation. A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error Code 0x8007007B”

windows-error (more…)

Securing data on your PC

This morning I spoke at a 4networking meeting in Leicester about securing data on your PC. This post expands on that a bit and includes links to relevant websites to flesh it out a bit.

Over recent years we’ve heard of people (mostly government!) leaving laptops on trains, in taxis or in pubs. Laptops with important and sensitive information on them.

This morning I saw an article called “Microsoft Plotting Death Of Desktop With Windows 8“. It seems from this and other sources that Microsoft are expecting us to move more and more to the use of mobile computing and will be extending Windows to support iPad type devices.

So here are some thoughts on how to keep your data secure. These will work now on your laptop or office PC.


Cleaning up your computer

In early December last year, I was contacted by one of my clients. I’ll call him Bob, to protect the innocent.

Bob’s anti-virus software was reporting that he had a Trojan on his computer. Sensibly, he had run a full scan of his system, but no viruses or Trojans had shown up, which, naturally left him feeling a little worried.

In the course of conversation, Bob told me that one of his clients (let’s call him Bill to protect the… well, you decide) wanted to use his laptop on Bob’s network. Bob let him and it was at this point that Bob’s anti-virus software spotted the Trojan – on Bill’s computer.

Here’s the moral of this story. Don’t let any computer connect to your own network or Internet connection unless you know that it is completely safe – in fact I’d go a little further and say don’t let any computer connect to your network or Internet connection unless it is yours.