Laptop got virus infection

One of our clients managed to get a virus infection on his laptop. He took it to his IT person who promptly wiped it and reinstalled the operating system and software. However, he hadn’t taken a backup of all the data before wiping the laptop.

Not too much of a problem as he was using our cloud backup service. He called me and I talked him through reinstalling the backup software and starting the restore. He then got a surprise. It was going to take over 8 hours to download all his files from the backup server because he had a large amount of data and only a slow broadband link.

So I suggested he come to our office, on a Saturday morning, and use our superfast broadband connection. He arrived about 30 minutes later, we started the restore (which took another 30 minutes), had a cup of coffee and then he went back home – all in time for lunch.

Just one way we go further than most other cloud backup service providers.

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