Where is your cloud backup stored?

In October 2015, the European Court of Justice ruled that the “Safeharbour” agreement between the EU and the USA was invalid. Basically the European Court of Justice has said that it is no longer safe to store personal data in the USA (see “What is ‘safe harbour’ and why did the EUCJ just declare it invalid?” from The Guardian).

“So what?” I hear you say. Well, if you are using a cloud backup or storage service, the data that you have uploaded can no longer be stored in the USA unless specific protections are in place. If your data is being stored there, you could be in breach of UK & EU data protection laws.

“How do I know where my data is being stored?” Your contract with the supplier may say so. You may be being billed in US dollars rather than Sterling or Euros. If neither of these apply, it doesn’t necessarily mean your data storage is legal.

“How can I be sure my backup storage is legal?” You could use our cloud backup service. Your data is stored in two secure data centres in England. All data is encrypted using military grade encryption before it leaves your computer, it is stored encrypted and only decrypted when it is returned to your computer.

Or you could do nothing and hope that your data is OK and that the ICO won’t come knocking.

Do you keep client’s personal data on your computer? Are you backing it up?

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