Google Chrome to mark HTTP websites as “not secure”

Google Chrome's "Not Secure"

Google have recently announced that all HTTP websites will be marked as insecure by Google Chrome. Google have been pushing HTTPS (Secure HTTP) for a few years now by, amongst other things, penalising HTTP websites in search results. They are now taking this one step further by actively warning users of Chrome when they try to visit insecure websites.

As a result, we have taken the decision to protect all websites managed under our website care packages with SSL certificates and move them all to HTTPS.

It’s a simple process. We purchase and install an SSL certificate for the website, then do a couple of tweaks with the hosting package and the Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) and it’s done. When visitors now browse to the site they see the secure padlock symbol in their browser and the website address is preceded with https:// rather than http://

More information can be found at Graham Cluley’s blog article “All HTTP websites to soon be marked as “not secure” by Google Chrome” and The Register’s “From July, Chrome will name and shame insecure HTTP websites” page


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